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Franklin offers a complete range of Clocks and Time Systems for Commercial, Educational, Government, Health Care and Industrial applications.

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Commercial & Accutrex Brand Wall Clocks

Commercial Accutrex Wall Clock
Available in quartz and electric. Meet U.S. government and institutional bid specs. Low cost, high quality.

Digital Wall & Desk Clocks

Digital Desk Clock
Available in a wide range of sizes and functions, they offer flexibility for computer or network system interfacing.

Wireless Clock Systems

Wireless Clock System
The latest and most innovative way to incorporate GPS synchronized time throughout your facility.

Master Clocks & Time Systems

Master Clock System
Designed to drive a variety of low voltage impulse, midnight reset, sync wire, and RS232 secondary clocks.

Atomic Clocks & Receivers

Atomic Clock & Reciever
Designed to receive the radio time signal (WWVB) emitted by the U.S. Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Time Zone Clocks

Time Zone Clock
Analog and digital multi-zone clocks for use in hotel lobbies, banks, brokerage houses, military facilities and more.

Timers & Stopwatches

Ideal for use in school laboratories, kitchen classrooms, darkrooms and for sports activities.

Advertising & Specialty Clocks

Advertising Specialty Clock
Wall clocks with custom printed clock dials. Code Blue Clock/Timers for hospitals and institutions.

The Bodet Line

Bodet Clock
Futuristic design digital clocks add a decorative element to offices, hotels, meeting rooms and public sites.

Educational Clocks

School Clock
Kid-Klok classroom teaching clock helps children learn to tell time.
Franklin Instrument is a leading manufacturer of a complete line of clocks and time systems. Our commercial clocks are made in the USA from 100% U.S. components. Products include micro-processor based programmable master and secondary clocks, wireless clock systems, analog and digital wall clocks, time zone clocks, atomic clocks and receivers plus custom advertising and message clocks.
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