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Franklin Commercial & Accutrex Brand Analog Wall Clocks

Contemporary styling and easy-to-read format make Franklin's Analog Clocks essential timepieces for any environment. From the small 6" partition clock to the large 36" illuminated, outdoor models, Franklin's clocks are designed to meet all of your needs with precision and accuracy.

Accutrex Brand Wall Clocks

Meet U.S. government specifications and give you a limited line for all your bid needs. Use Accutrex for Federal, State, County, and City bids. Accutrex Clocks are available in both Quartz and Electric which make them an excellent commercial clock for all bid requirements.
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Franklin Commercial Wall Clocks

Essential timepieces for home, commercial or industrial use. General Time, Westclox Equivalents
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Franklin K-Series Wall Clocks

An "as equal" time line to replace the contract / bid models previously supplied by General Time, Seth-Thomas and Westclox.
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Franklin W-Series Heavy-Duty Wall Clocks

Feature rugged construction with a curved glass crystal and a high impact plastic or metal case. Available for indoor or outdoor use.
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Designer Clocks

Feature beautiful wood frames in pecan, walnut, oak or mahogany.
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Water Resistant Clocks

Moisture and splash resistant clocks are ideal for spa, pools, and boats.
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Franklin Atomic Wall Clocks

A analog clocks are designed to receive the radio time signal (WWVB) emitted by the U.S. Atomic Clock located at Fort Collins, Colorado.
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Accutrex Brand
W-Series Heavy-Duty
Designer Clocks
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