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Digital Calendar Clocks by Bodet 

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Franklin Instrument is an authorized distributor for clocks and systems manufactured by Bodet of France. The Cristalys Clock Series by Bodet offers an interior wall clock with extra flat casing and a LCD reflective display. The futuristic design adds a decorative element to offices, hotels, meeting rooms and public sites. The Cristalys Series is available in 3 versions:

  • Independent quartz on batteries
  • Slave movement on impulse
  • IRIGB/AFNOR time signal on batteries

Additional Options:

  • low voltage power supply from 6/24 V
  • GPS receiver

General Features:

  • ABS Casing for indoor installation (case colors: aluminum, white, champagne, burgundy)
  • Wall support with anti-theft lock
  • Operating temperature from 32° to 122° F
  • Silent operation
  • Permanent data saving
  • Display mode: 12h or 24h
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeovers and perpetual calendar with multi-time zones

Bodet Cristalys Series

Cristalys 7
Bodet Crystal Clocks

2.75" Display;
Readability 100ft


Display Options:

  • 24h or 12h display mode
  • Numerical date or week number

Fixed or alternate display (2 choices)

Cristalys 14
Bodet Crystal Series5.5" Display
Readability 200ft

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Display Options:

  • 24h or 12h display mode
  • Indoor or outdoor temperature
  • Numerical date or year

Fixed or alternate display (2 choices)

Cristalys Date
Crystal Series by Bodet2.75" Time Display
2" Date Display
Readability 100ft



Display Options Central Display (2 choices):

  • Indoor temperature
  • Day of the week
  • Day or week number

Display Options Lower Display (2 choices):

  • Site or City Name
  • Day countdown
  • Multilingual or numerical date


Bodet Replacement Parts Available for Following Models:

  BT659 (Time Only)
  BT630 (Time, Date of Month, Month)
  BT637 (Time, Day of Week, Date of Month, Month)
  Battery, Electric, Electric Reserve, 1 Minute BiPolar Impulse

Available Parts:
  Frames, Lenses, Full Sets and Replacement Flip Leafs.

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