Bodet Clocks

Digital Wall & Desk Clocks

Franklin Digital Clocks feature state-of-the-art micro-processor driven technology coupled with fully solid state displays. Available in a wide range of sizes and functions, they offer maximum configuration flexibility for computer or network system interfacing.

Super LED Digital Wall Clocks

Meet U.S. government specifications and give you a limited line for all your bid needs. Use Accutrex for Federal, State, County, and City bids. Accutrex Clocks are available in both Quartz and Electric which make them an excellent commercial clock for all bid requirements.
Models & Specifications

FR-Series SMART Digital Wall Clocks

Essential timepieces for home, commercial or industrial use. General Time, Westclox Equivalents
Models & Specifications

MP Series Digital Wall Clocks

An "as equal" time line to replace the contract / bid models previously supplied by General Time, and Westclox.
Models & Specifications

Digital Calendar Clocks

Feature rugged construction with a curved glass crystal and a high impact plastic or metal case. Available for indoor or outdoor use.
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Super LED
MP Series