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KRONOsync – "Plug and Play" Wireless Clock System

The future of Wireless Time Synchronization is here, with the powerful KRONOsync 467MHz Transmitter. While small, light, and maintenance free, this economical “Plug and Play” system is the perfect solution for providing correct time throughout buildings and facilities.


Our system is simple, easy to install and maintain, and guarantees precise synchronization of clocks throughout all types of facilities.

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Wireless Transmitter

The KRONOsync 467MHz transmitter is a GPS/NTP time synchronizer deisgned to drive KRONOsync wireless analog clocks and wireless digital clocks.
Models & Specifications

Wireless Standard Analog Clocks

Standard wireless analog clocks offer the perfect solution for many new and retrofit applications. Clocks feature durable frames and lenses, easy viewing faces and either quartz battery or electric operation.
Models & Specifications

Wireless Brushed Aluminum Clocks

Brushed aluminum wireless clocks add offer an upscale, high tech look that will enhance any décor. Clocks come with durable frames and lenses, easy viewing faces and either quartz battery or electric operation.
Models & Specifications

Wireless Solid Premium Wood Clocks

These solid wood clocks are the perfect look for your executive/administration offices and conference rooms. Offered in rich looking mahogany, walnut, and natural the feature either quartz battery or electric operation.
Models & Specifications

Wireless Digital Display Clocks

These digital display clocks offer a high level of performance, quality and reliability. Available in 2.5” and 4” characters they are the perfect solution for satisfying digital clock needs in all types of facilities.
Models & Specifications

Wireless Digital Display Clock/Timers

These multifunction digital clock/timers provides your facility with a count-up/count-down feature. A switch control allows user to operate the timer in multiple modes.
Models & Specifications

Wireless LCD Clocks

With sleek styling, easy-to-read displays and GPS/NTP synchronization, these LCD clocks offer a wireless, battery-operated alternative to electric digitals.
Models & Specifications

Wireless Digital Message Boards

Vital to communicating safety messages, announcements, and upcoming events throughout your school/campus, manufacturing plant, healthcare facility, or corporate building.
Models & Specifications

Wireless Tone Generator

Enjoy convenience, flexibility, and accurately coordinated tones produced audibly over existing PA system, and synchronized with all system clocks.
Models & Specifications

Wireless Clock Accessories

A full range of accessoreis to complement the KRONOsync line including clock guards, brackets, shelves and surge protectors.
Models & Specifications



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