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KRONOsync – Wireless Digital Display Clock/Timers

  • Modern, Contoured Style
  • Easy to read, Anti-glare LED Display
  • Count down timer mode displays time remaining
  • Count up timer mode displays elapsed time
  • Switch control to operate in multiple modes
  • Audible alarm at the end of timer mode
  • 12/24 hr. clock display when not in timer mode

KRONOsync Digital Display Wireless Clock/Timers feature an innovative design. These multifunction digital clock/timers provides your facility with a count-up/count-down feature. Available in 2.5” 6-digit, Red or White LED. A switch control allows user to operate the timer in multiple modes. When not in timer mode, it functions as a synchronized clock. A perfect choice for your precision timekeeping needs!

Wireless Digital Timers

2.5” 6 Digit LED

2008beRed LED

2008beWhite LED



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