Bodet Clocks

Wireless Clocks

Franklin Instrument offers complete wireless clock systems featuring the latest in wireless technology. Systems can incorporate transmitters, receivers, analog and digital synchronized clocks and even electronic message boards.

KRONOsync – "Plug and Play" Wireless Clock System

The future of Wireless Time Synchronization is here, with the powerful KRONOsync 467MHz Transmitter. KRONOsync is our most affordable, basic wireless clock system. While small, light, and maintenance free, this economical “Plug and Play” system is the perfect solution for providing correct time throughout your buildings and facilities.

TimeSync Pro – Advanced Wireless Clock System

For larger facilities and those users requiring advanced features such as paging and voice communication, the TimeSync Pro series offers the latest and most innovative way to incorporate GPS synchronized time throughout your buildings and facilities.



Time Sync Pro