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Franklin W-Series Wall Clocks

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Franklin W Series Clocks feature rugged construction with a curved glass crystal and a high impact plastic or metal case. They provide excellent legibility based on simplicity and functional design. The face is matte white and available with full numbered dials as pictured. The hands are black, case colors gray plastic or brushed anodized aluminum.

W Series Clocks
9", 12" & 16"
Size: 9", 12"& 16" diameter
Type 1 - Quartz battery
Dial Face: Full Numbered dial as shown.
Lens: Curved Glass Crystal or Shatterproof Acrylic Lens
Case Color: Gray Plastic or Brushed Anodized
Aluminum "attractive natural metal finish"

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Large Analog Clocks
24" or 36"
Two W-Series clocks with the addition of an adjustable support bracket can be made double face and hung from ceiling or wall as shown. Available for indoor or outdoor use. These can also be illuminated. Contact Factory for custom case colors. picf
Size: 24" or 36" diameter
Type 1 - Quartz battery
Type 2 - 110 volt with power reserve (Clocks continue to run during power failure up to 3 days)
Type 3 - 110 v. AC synchronous clocks
Type 5 - Bipolar minute impulse
Type 7 - Corrective minute impulse
Dial Face: Any style
Lens: Shatterproof Acrylic Lens
Case Color: Gray Enameled (contact Factory for custom case colors)



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