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WWVB Time Receiver

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Accurate Atomic Time:

WWVB Time ReceiverThe Franklin STRADA MODEL STR-12 110R is a compact radio signal receiver and converter. The unit receives WWVB atomic time and updates system time every minute. Provides minute impulse for driving tower clocks or synchronization of master clocks.

How it works.........
The National Institute of Standards and Technology broadcasts radio signals accurate to less than one second every million and a half years.
The STRADA MODEL 110R captures these signals and utilizing internal CMOS micro-processor technology, decodes the time signal into pulses.

Franklin's MP Series and WDP-M+S master clocks are designed to receive STRADA pulse to maintain and display precise Atomic Time.


  • Water-proof outdoor antenna
  • LED pilot lamp to verify reception
  • High performance receiver
  • 2000 mile operating range
  • Impulse memory during power failure
  • Bi-polar minute impulse output
  • Automatic seasonal time correction
  • 35 mm din rail mounting for decoder
  • Light, high impact, molded plastic case

Control Pulse: Bi-Polar minutes impulse.
Power Input: 110 VDC, 60 Hz.
Super-heterodyne receiver, CMOS microprocessor, Antenna fully weatherproof.
Traceable accuracy from NIST Master clock.
Operating Temperature -30 through +70 degrees centigrade.
LED pilot lamp for signal verification.


Decoder:  H = 5 1/8,  L=  5 1/2,   D = 1 7/16
Antenna:  H = 3 1/8,  L=  6 5/16, D = 2 1/4

Available Options:
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Analog Secondary
Digital Secondary
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WWVB Time Receiver