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"We have used Franklin Instruments and their clocks for many years for our K-12 Market.

They have incredible service and their products are second to none.

The response time is very fast and has made our customer dealings so much easier.

I highly recommend Franklin Clocks!"

- Greg Alavezos EKC Enterprises, Inc.

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Speaker Systems and LED Message Boards

Would your organization benefit from a public address speaker system or LED message boards? Do you need to be able to communication throughout your facility with voice broadcasts or with text messages? We can help!

WiFi and PoE Speaker Systems

We offer WiFi and PoE speaker systems. These systems provide for live broadcasts, the broadcast of pre-recorded messages and to play a variety of tones and music at scheduled times.

The WiFi speaker system operates on your existing WiFi network and the PoE option will operate on your existing wired Ethernet. These systems save on installation cost. Please get a quick quote today.

LED Message Boards

LED Message Boards can play an important role in the communication ability within a facility. These displays are used for operational and emergency communications.

Operational uses can include the displaying of upcoming events and accurate reliable time. Messages boards provide dependable synchronized time to keep your organization running at an excellent pace. The display of messages during emergency purposes is an item that holds importance in any emergency plan for a facility.

During emergency people need information and direction and this is exactly what LED message boards provide, information and direction. Our Multi-Function LED boards are manufactured with a strobe light, speaker and message board in one unit.

We have two excellent board designs for your consideration. We offer a wireless option and a PoE LED message board option. Each one of these designs provides an attractive set of value propositions that can have a positive impact on your organization.

Wireless LED Message Boards

Place a board at any location you have electrical power. The boards receive their time and messages wirelessly from the KRONOsync transmitter. This five watt transmitter operates on a FCC 467 MHz frequency, thereby, providing you excellent broadcast power to cover your entire facility.

The wireless message boards’ receiver module will pick up broadcast messages and display the messages on the boards. You can group the message boards so that you can broadcast to an individual board or a particular set of boards.

The software allows you to craft the message you would like to send on a real time basis or you can send a recorded message. Recorded messages can provide you the ability to send an approved message without spending the time to craft the message at that particular time. This is critical during emergency situations. You can also color code your message. This may be of benefit if you what certain message to be red, amber or green.

It should be noted that the KRONOsync transmitter will also provide time to analog and digital clocks. Therefore you can mix and match the message boards with commercial clocks that will operate on the same system.

PoE LED Message Boards

Power over Ethernet, (PoE) technology offers some distinct advantages. The technology permits end point devices, such as, message boards to receive the data and power over one Ethernet Cable. This allows you to place a message board any place within your facility without worrying about electric power.

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