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"We have used Franklin Instruments and their clocks for many years for our K-12 Market.

They have incredible service and their products are second to none.

The response time is very fast and has made our customer dealings so much easier.

I highly recommend Franklin Clocks!"

- Greg Alavezos EKC Enterprises, Inc.

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Synchronize time and data throughout campus—to the exact second—with The KronoSync Wireless Clock System

Precise timing has a profound effect on students as well as your school’s bottom line. Many traditional college students may be chronically late for class, while others depend on on-time classes to fit into their busy schedules of work and even childcare. Instructors may have trouble starting and ending their lectures and exams on time, and maintenance staff waste time and money having to constantly fix obsolete clock systems.

The KronoSync Wireless System uses the most reliable technology available to perfectly synchronize time and data throughout campus. This enables universities to eliminate time-related obstacles and focus on academic excellence. The system provides perfectly synchronized time and considerably benefits to your university.

You’ll be able to:

  • Maximize educational time
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Save integration costs
  • Improve ROI



Have more time for teaching with help from KronoSync Wireless. Students can be very creative when it comes to making excuses for being late to class. Meanwhile, teachers can have trouble starting and ending their classes on time as they contend with discipline issues and inaccurate clocks. From elementary to high school campuses, just think of the additional education and productivity you could gain by using a fully dependable, synchronized clock system!

The GPS Wireless Clock System can help you meet the challenge of getting students and staff where they need to be, when they need to be there.

You can:

  • Help teach students to be punctual – a valuable lifelong skill
  • Make the most of class time by minimizing latecomers’ disruptions
  • Reduce confusion and inefficiency by synchronizing time throughout all school areas
  • Get bells – inside and outside the building – to ring in-synch with the time on wall clocks
  • Eliminate the need to reset clocks after power outages or time changes
  • Reduce costly maintenance work for custodial staff



Increase your efficiency in no time with help from KronoSync Wireless System. With government spending put under a public microscope these days, people want to know where their tax dollars are going. Budget cuts are forcing public-sector workers to do more with less, which can create resentment, stifle innovation, and lead to employee burnout. And amid growing security concerns, it’s more vital than ever to have an accurate, dependable clock system to coordinate activities throughout numerous buildings.

A GPS Wireless Clock System can quickly and visibly help you streamline operations in your government facility, benefiting the public as well as employees.

Specifically, you can: 

  • Demonstrate accountability to the public by cutting costs and improving productivity
  • Improve employee morale by standardizing office and break hours, making them “fair” to everyone
  • Ensure on-time arrival at meetings
  • Synchronize wall clocks with computer clocks
  • Improve time-tracking accuracy
  • Eliminate clocks from your routine-maintenance budget



KronoSync Wireless Is All About Time Accurate-to-the-second time on every clock and computer in your hospital. Even in buildings that aren’t physically connected. As the leader in clock systems for healthcare providers, the KronoSync Wireless GPS synchronized clock system uses United States government global positioning satellite feeds that are beamed through a localized FM radio signal. This FM frequency is strong enough to do the job without interfering with sensitive medical equipment, computers or other technology.

In a hospital, time is of the essence. But besides the need to respond quickly in emergencies, there’s a need to accurately account for time. With conventional clock systems, variations in the time displayed can lead to inaccurate charting, discrepancies in the documenting of events, and if anything is called into question, litigation. The KronoSync Wireless GPS synchronized clock system totally eliminates the potential of time-based errors in scheduling and treatment, so the chance of litigation from an error in the administering of meds or the charting of patients at the wrong time is minimized.

While accurately documenting time of birth is important for parents, it’s critical to hospitals. Complications happen, and a variance of even a few minutes on the clock an OB/GYN references and the clock a nurse references could result in staggering legal problems. The same goes for other situations where accurate time-line documentation is required. With a KronoSync Wireless GPS synchronized clock system, every clock in your hospital always displays the correct time, without interfering with sensitive medical equipment, computers, or other technology.

If you’re still on a conventional clock system, you know too well the costly hassle of resetting every clock throughout your hospital with Daylight Saving Time changes or following a power outage. Fortunately, the KronoSync Wireless GPS synchronized clock system makes every clock in your hospital uniformly accurate to the second.

Physicians and nurses have to be precise about when medications are given and patient charts are updated, yet they’re relying on clocks that vary from room to room or department to department. KronoSync Wireless makes every clock in your hospital accurate to the second.



Capture lost productivity with precise timing from KronaSync Wireless System.

You may pride yourself on the precision of your manufacturing processes or ability to fill large orders on short notice – but if your timekeeping is less than perfect, you’re leaving a big gap in your quest for continuous improvement. KronaSync Wireless can help you synchronize your timing system, even if you have multiple plants or the largest of facilities. through higher efficiency. The GPS Wireless Clock System can help you achieve your manufacturing and profitability goals through higher efficiency.

You’ll be able to:

  • Standardize the times workers punch in and out
  • Keep breaks to appropriate lengths
  • Help meetings stay on track
  • Eliminate problems from power outages or time changes
  • Eliminate clocks from the list of equipment requiring regular maintenance
  • Improve time-tracking accuracy

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