• afterGLO

    When your power goes out,

    don’t be left in the dark.


    afterGLO® is an innovative, low-voltage LED conversion kit for uninterrupted lighting. The patented afterGLO® device is designed to convert your traditional 110-240 AC plug in lamps, to operate at low-voltage DC power, while providing uninterrupted illumination during power outage without any modification.

    What are the advantages of afterGLO®?

    Conventional incandescent, or CFL light bulbs, run on Alternating Current (A/C). These applications can be either hardwired or plug-in. When A/C power cords or hardwire sockets are used, the incoming power lines are considered high voltage and can be very dangerous—using high amounts of energy.

    A LED light bulb is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly  compared to Incandescent or CFL bulbs. Also, CFL bulbs have been found to contain harmful materials such as mercury and should not be disposed of in conventional trash bins.

    In the event of a loss of power the traditional lighting applications will cease to operate unless power is restored or they are connected to an emergency back up system, which are usually not found in residential enviornments.

    How will afterGLO® help improve your life?

    afterGLO® will convert your traditional high voltage AC light fixture to a low voltage DC power source for the selected lamp. The low voltage DC output will operate the specially developed LED light bulb while simultaneously trickle charging a rechargable Li-ion battery.

    Once the device is connected to the selected outlet the user will then plug their lamp into the afterGLO® power pack and replace their incandescent light bulb with the provided LED light bulb.

    The afterGLO® conversion kit does not require any modifications or alterations to the selected lamp. After the power supply is plugged in to the desired outlet, it will automatically start to charge the internal battery. Once the power pack is fully charged, and a power outage were to take place, the internal battery back-up will provide the user up to 5-6 hours of uninterruped light (can be switched on and off at users disgression and still continue to hold the provided power).

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