kronosync wireless tone generator

Customer Testimonial

"We have used Franklin Instruments and their clocks for many years for our K-12 Market.

They have incredible service and their products are second to none.

The response time is very fast and has made our customer dealings so much easier.

I highly recommend Franklin Clocks!"

- Greg Alavezos EKC Enterprises, Inc.

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Tone Generator with Scheduler Software

Enjoy convenience, flexibility, and accurately coordinated tones produced audibly over existing PA system, and synchronized with all system clocks. Easy to install software allows you to maintain order and eliminate confusion and chaos within your facility when the time and bells are in sync.


  • Operable with no physical connection to transmitter.
  • Synchronized with KRONOsync transmitted time.
  • Add, edit, delete changes for half-days, holidays, early dismissal, or any other schedule modification.
  • Multiple schedules and events are easily programmed into any windows based PC.
  • Schedules can be easily uploaded, downloaded, and saved.
  • Can input up to a combined total of 128 variable schedules and individual events.
  • Multiple tones, tunes or songs.
  • Powered by standard 120 VAC.
  • Maintenance Free

Part No:102001

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